Best Sources For Natural And Organic Coupons

Organic Coupons

I’ve started taking large chunks off my weekly grocery bill by using coupons for all of my favorite organic companies. My coupon folder is bulging with piles of mostly $1 off coupons for several healthy products and I’ve saved well over $100, over the last two months. You might be wondering where I’m finding them, since coupons for Organic and natural items aren’t something that are easily found in the Sunday paper’s coupon section.

I discovered that Ebay is an incredible resource for finding Organic coupons. It has quickly become my preferred way of acquiring them. Because I have a limited amount of free time, I don’t mind paying someone else a few dollars to spend their time finding, clipping and sorting a large pack of money saving coupons for me. I purchased a group of organic coupons that added up to over $100 in savings, from an Ebay seller for only $6.50, with shipping included!

If you have more time on your hands and want to hunt down the coupons for free, one of the best ways is to go directly to your favorite company’s website. Quite often, they already have printable coupons available or will send you coupons if you e-mail (or call) them with a coupon request and give them your mailing address. I’ve provided a long list of links to some of the top Organic & Natural Food companies, to help you in your search. Happy hunting and I hope you have fun eating healthy on the cheap while keeping more grocery money in your pocket!


  • AMY’S KITCHEN (Healthy, Easy To Prepare Organic Food) contact info
  • ANNIE’S (Organic, All-Natural Mac N Cheese, Pasta, Snack etc…) contact info
  • Arrowhead Mills Visit the site for downloadable coupons.
  • Aubrey Organics Natural hair, skin and body care products.
  • BARBARA’S BAKERY ( Organic Cereals & Snacks) contact info
  • BLUE DIAMOND (Almonds & Almond Milk) contact info
  • BOB’s RED MILL (Whole Grain, Gluten Free Products) No coupons on site but you can subscribe to newsletter they may have special offers.
  • BROWN COW FARM (Yogurt From Drug-Free Cows) Give them your e-mail and they will send you printable coupons.
  • Cascadian Farm Sign up to receive newsletter that offers coupons.
  • CHERRY BROOK KITCHEN (Peanut-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kosher,Vegan Baking Mixes) Sign up for their newsletter to receive free coupons
  • CLIF BAR (All Natural & Organic Energy Bars) contact info
  • COLEMAN NATURAL (A Full Line Of Natural & Organic Fresh Meat & Prepared Foods) Take a short survey and receive $5. in coupons for Coleman Natural and Organic products.
  • COUNTRY CHOICE (Organic: Cereal & Snacks) Contact info
  • DREAMFIELDS (Low Carb Pasta) Sign up for their newsletter and receive coupons.
  • EBAY: SEARCH FOR “ORGANIC COUPONS” This is my personal favorite source for organic coupons. You pay sellers a minimal amount of money to find, clip and sort coupons for you- what a bargain and time saver!
  • EARTH’S BEST (Organic Baby Food) Printable coupons.
  • EARTH BOUND FARM (Organic Salads, Fruit & Vegetables) Sign up for their newsletter to receive coupons and recipes.
  • EDEN ORGANIC (A Full Line Of Organic Food Products) Contact information- request coupons and they will send them to you, along with a nice, informative packet of information about all of their products and recipes.
  • EMERALD VALLEY KITCHEN (Organic Hummus, Salsa, Spreads & Dips) Contact info
  • GARDEN OF EATIN (Organic Chips) Contact info
  • GUILTLESS GOURMET (Healthy Snacks: Baked Tortilla Chips, Dips, Sandwich Wraps etc.. Contact info
  • HORIZON ORGANIC MILK (Organic Milk, Cream, Cheese, Eggs etc… ) Sign up to start receiving coupons.
  • IAN’S NATURAL FOODS (all natural, antibiotic, hormone free line of beef, chicken and pork). Visit Contact Us, fill in your name, mailing address, and select the request coupon box.
  • IMAGINE FOODS (Organic Gourmet Soup) Contact info
  • JULIE’S ORGANIC (Organic Ice Cream) Contact info
  • KASHI (Whole Grain Cereal, Snack Bars, Crackers etc…) Join the Kashi Community and receive coupons and the chance to become a Kashi Taste Tester.
  • Pearl Soymilk Visit the Kikkoman Facebook page for coupons and other offers.
  • KISS MY FACE (Natural Body Care) Join the Kiss My Face Community and receive special offers, discounts and product samples.
  • KNUDSEN JUICES (Natural & Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice) Go here to find out about the latest Knudsen Juice promotion. Sign up and receive free printable coupons.
  • LAURA’S LEAN BEEF (Lean natural beef, raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and fed an all vegetarian diet) Sign up for their monthly newsletter and receive recipes, tips and an instant e-coupon.
  • LITTLE CROW FOODS (Pancake, Muffin & Bread Mixes) Give them your address and they will send you several coupons for their products.
  • LIVING NATURALLY printable coupons for Bio Force, Organic Valley, Ultima Cereal, Woodstock Farms, Gaia Herbs etc…
  • LUNDBERG FARMS (Organic & Whole Grain Rice Products) Sign up to receive special offers.
  • MAMBO SPROUTS Mambo Sprouts will mail you a coupon booklet for natural, organic products. Their coupon books are also widely distributed to 385,000 health food stores across the U.S., several times per year, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats.
  • MORNINGSTAR FARMS (Frozen Veggie Burgers) Sign up for their newsletter and receive special offers and coupons.
  • NAYSOYA TOFU (Tofu, Pasta, Noodles & Soy Based Spreads) Contact info
  • THE NATURAL DENTIST (Natural Oral Care Products) Sign up to receive free newsletter and coupons.
  • NATUREMADE (Vitamins & Supplements) Become a member and receive $5. in printable coupons.
  • NATURE’S OWN BREAD (Whole Grain Bread) Contact info
  • NEWMAN’S OWN (Paul Newman’s Sauces, Salad Dressing etc…some are Organic) Contact info
  • ODWALLA JUICE (Organic Juice & Smoothies) Contact info
  • ORGANIC VALLEY (Organic: Milk, Cheese, Eggs etc…) Sign up and receive their e-newsletter, which comes with coupons for their products.
  • ORGANIC VALLEY: MOO M.others O.f O.rganic is an online community, sponsored by Organic Valley Farms. Sign up and you will receive Organic Valley coupons and montly e-newsletters about the benefits of eating Organic.
  • ORGANIC EARTH DAY Go Organic! For Earth Day sends out coupon booklets every spring, to celebrate Earth Day and to encourage shoppers to buy Organic. Their website has a handy store locater feature, just enter your zip and it will let you know which stores nearby participate in the Go Organic! coupon booklet program. You can also e-mail them and request a booklet be sent to your home. Some of the coupons included in their booklets are for: Horizon Milk, Clif Bars, Santa Cruz Organic, Earth Bound Farms, Annie’s, Traditional Medicinals, Kashi, Nature’s Path, Lifeway Kefir, Stonyfield Farms etc.
  • Pangea Organics Organic Skincare products.
  • PEARL SOYMILK (Flavored Soy Milk) Sign up for their free newsletter, recipes and special offers.
  • Plum Organics Organic foods for babies, toddlers and children.
  • RICE DREAM (Dairy free Rice Milk, Almond Milk & Frozen Desserts) They will when you give them your mailing address.
  • RISING MOON (Organic: pizza, pasta sauce, raviolis, macaroni & cheese, salsa etc…) Contact info
  • SAN-J (Asian cooking sauces and soups) Sign up to receive recipes and coupons.
  • SESMARK (Sesame crackers) Contact info…make sure you ask to be placed on their mailing list, to receive promotional offers.
  • SEVENTH GENERATION (Environmentally safe cleaning supplies) Become a 7th Generation Nation member and receive free printable coupons.
  • STONYFIELD (Organic: yogurt, smoothies and milk) Sign up for their “Moos-Letters” and receive printable coupons.
  • THAI KITCHEN (Authentic Thai cooking supplies) Contact info
  • TOFUTTI (Dairy-free ice cream) Contact info
  • TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS: (Organic herbal & medicinal teas) Contact info
  • TURTLE MOUNTAIN (Delicious dairy free ice creams- So Delicious & Purely Decadent) Sign up to receive free coupons
  • WEST SOY (SOY MILK) Contact info
  • WHOLE FOODS MARKET Sign up for their free newsletter and receive coupons, recipes, informative articles and updates about events happening at your local Whole Foods store.

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  1. Wow, I am amazed at what eBay has to offer. Good on you to find cost-saving coupons for healthy, organic food. Such groceries cost an arm and a leg in Tokyo.

  2. Do you know of any newsletter either by email or mail that has a lot of organic coupons in it? I am burned out on registering for all these coupons on each natural food or organic company website. And also, too much invasion of privacy (age, address, phone, gender, etc.). Too time consuming (I have satellite internet service which takes about 20 or 30 seconds or longer to get from web page to web page).
    Thanks for your help.
    A. Langford

  3. Angela on

    Thank you for your post. It was so helpful