Obama nominates Hagen as food safety undersecretary

The White House announced a nominee for undersecretary for Food Safety at the Department of Agriculture. The nominee is Elisabeth Hagen, who currently holds the position of USDA chief medical officer, where she serves as an advisor to USDA on human health issues. Before that she was with USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. She was a practicing physician before that.

This is always hilarious news. She is nominated to a “do nothing” position from another “do nothing” position, where she can continue to bend over backwards for all the special interests, thereby continuing the cycle that leaves poison food on tables across the country.

The real news here is that whoever gets the position, it’s just more of the same. If the USDA and the FDA actually did the job they are supposed to do, most major food brands would be out of business due to the harmful additives they put in our food. The job position should really be called USDA statuesque officer, since she will be a part of making sure that the money machine keeps chugging along, regardless of consumer health.

Guess I went off on a rant there, but until the system changes, the food manufacturers and the drug makers will continue to run our government. That’s just my opinion and I’m usually right.


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