The Best Cooking Show You Haven’t Seen

A Lyon in the KitchenI just love watching cooking shows. There is something both calming and stimulating about watching someone prepare food. I have a few favorites on Food Network that I record and try to watch regularly, but lately I’ve grown a bit tired of them so I decided to search for something new to add to my rotation.

I started watching “A Lyon in the Kitchen” a few months ago after seeing a promo on FitTV. I’ve been a fan of Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen which also airs on FitTV for a long time even though I’m not a low-carber.

A Lyon in the Kitchen features Nathan Lyon, an organic chef that many of you may recognize from his stint on “The Next Food Network Star.” Nathan was also chosen as a finalist to compete in the 2006 competition in New York. He may not have won but he was good enough to land his own spot on Discovery.

Nathan makes the show unique by spending several minutes at the beginning of each episode visiting a source for one of the ingredients he is going to feature on that particular episode. This could be a mushroom farm, cheese market, beet farm, etc. It is very interesting to see and learn how these small farms operate.

I also like the fact that he focuses on organic and locally-grown foods. Of course that is pretty easy if you live in California, but good advice nonetheless. To put it simply, he makes things that I like to eat and that I am able to make. Watch this show and gain a better appreciation for locally-grown foods.

A Lyon in the Kitchen

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